Used Trucks

Used equipment stock from NI forklifts normally includes a range diesel, gas and electric forklifts as well as warehouse equipment. You will find detailed specification information on each truck including hour meter readings and a good quality picture.

If you require any further information regarding a particular truck please use the email link or call the telephone number.

Brand Model Type* Year Capacity Lift Height Hours Warranty Serial n°
1  TOYOTA  7FDF25  CB D  2001  2500 kg  4700 mm      
2  TOYOTA  7FDF25  CB D  2001  2500 kg  3700 mm      
3  BT  7PML20  PP  2006  2000 kg  -      
4  Manitou  M26-4  CB D  2000  2600 kg  3700 mm      
5  Manitou  Twisco  Telescopic  2006  1500 kg  4000 mm      





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* Legend

CB D  Diesel counterbalance forklift
CB LPG  LPG counterbalanced forklift
CB EL  Electriic counterbalanced forklift
HP  Hand pallet truck
PP  Powered pallet ttuck
ST  Powered stacker truck
RT  Reach truck